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Cover Letter Writing - Get your resume noticed

Professional Cover Letter Writer Speaks Out

Hi my name is Jenny Dougherty and I’ve been a professional cover letter and resume writer for 15 years now. I wanted to share my best tips to help you write that stunning cover letter and give yourself the best chances of getting your dream job.

First off, be Concise!

Prepare a cover letter that is concise, one which will pique the reader’s interest so that he or she can’t wait to get to your resume to read it. Nevertheless, do not take it for granted that a recruiter or hiring manager will always read the cover letter first, so make sure that the resume is able to stand out on its own. The cover letter shoud be short concise and no more that one page long.

Be precise regarding your qualifications

how-to-write-a-cover-letterWhen you apply for a job, professional cover letters should pick up 3 to 4 of key qualifications that are listed in the advertised job description and get very specific regarding to what you are offering that matches directly to those specific qualifications.

Link your skills to the requirements

Ensure that the cover letter connects your education, skills and experience directly to the advertised requirements. Make it as simple as feasible for your potential employer to perceive that you are indeed qualified for the job.

Less is More

Recruiters and hiring managers want more substance in fewer words. The cover letter is today shrinking to accomplish a few specific goals:

  • Personalisation: Always address it to a person and not “To Whom it May Concern.”
  • Connection: Indicate how your qualifications may be a good match for their company.
  • Contact: State clearly how they can reach you.

Make it Personal

Different from a resume, the cover letter must be personalized. Ensure you tailor it to the particular job posting, create excitement concerning your interest and state clearly why you are the best choice.  Close it out with a desire of speaking more over phone or in person with the hiring manager or recruiter you are addressing in your cover letter.

Save as a PDF

There are two benefits why you should save both the cover letter and resume jointly as one PDF file. First, they cannot be inadvertently changed or get corrupted by anybody. Second, chances of them getting separated are minimized.

Show a personal interest in your own work

However briefly, explain why that particular type of work is of interest to you. Personal connection or experience will assist to make you case stand out.

Hire meConclude with a call to action

Always end your cover letter by including a “call to action.” Never employ those clichés of “I hope to hear from you soon.” Instead, state in your final concluding lines something such as, “I am really excited regarding the opportunities in your company and I alook forward to making a contribution to your company. I will get in touch next week hopefully to set up a meeting time or talk further with you personally.” Don’t ever leave the ball in court of the employer.

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Best of luck …